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Weston, Cheshire



Date Completed

On Site

Development Overview

Ainsley Gommon worked with Lovell on a successful bid for a scheme of 99 dwellings which had previously secured outline approval located to the south of Weston, Cheshire. We prepared designs and coordinated the supporting documentation to submit a Reserved Matters application.

Our proposals for the site utilise spatial planning, streetscapes and structural planting which defines the space the buildings occupy and where the landscape is a fundamental part of the overall concept of the development. There are a number of key character areas throughout the development. There is a clear hierarchy of roads that enable easy ordination and navigation around the development.

The design has been influenced by its location on the periphery of the village of Weston, drawing from the local use of the materials, proportion and style to create a modern architectural design that is sensitive to its context.

There is a new attenuation pond proposed within the development that has been incorporated within the public open space and the dwellings have been carefully orientated to overlook this spaces. Both the new pond and the drainage swale have been designed to offer ecological natural habitats, and will create an enhancement to the ecological value of the site whilst providing an attractive outlook for the properties addressing these areas.

Public open space, to the entrance of the site has been set out with a child’s play area within this zone. The dwellings surrounding the space have been laid out in a ‘Village Green’ type configuration, giving these units a distinct character and proving passive surveillance to the open space.